About The Cloud

The Cloud is a large-scale immersive sound and light art installation created in 2019 which debuted in Black Rock City. On The Playa, it offered a diverse set of musical and wellness programming that will now be amplified and available in Miami. Join us during Art Basel as The Cloud is exhibited for the first time outside the desert.

Incredible Sound in an Epic Format

At 25 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter, The Cloud is a mega-scale installation designed to bring about a heightened connected experience that transports you through immersive sound and light wonderlands. The powerful high-fidelity custom HSD sound system designed with an unprecedented 360-degree array envelops you with 60,000 watts from above, below, and outward.

Join us for immersive soundscapes and live performances capable of reaching a body-shaking 28Hz. You don’t just hear The Cloud, it is something you feel. As the Burner Podcast described it, “at The Cloud, it’s like you’re swimming through sound.”

Immersive 360° Light Shows

While sound waves tantalize your ears and body, The Cloud’s visuals offer an additional mind-blowing dimension of experience. Enjoy dazzling lightshows brought to you by 33,000 individually addressable full RGBW high-power LEDs hidden behind its fluffy exterior. Join us and delight in a variety of visual performances synchronized with sound.

Meet the Makers
Jorge Perdomo
Lead Artist/Lunatic
Gene Harrison
Lighting Lead
Deniz Akyurek
Sound Lead
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