About The Cloud

Shared experience connects people

It has for thousands of years.  From music to spoken word, shared experiences are a reason to gather, to connect with family, neighbors, strangers.  The live performance has held a magical place in the hearts of humanity for so long because the bond it creates is a medium through which people connect with each other. We are social creatures, we must connect.  We seek it out.

Today the powerful bonds of music and shared experiences are no less powerful than they were in the past.  Some may argue that in

today’s modern disconnected digital world the importance of musical experiences is even more important. Yet the performance experiences of today have evolved from the connected drum circle, and have instead become a mass presentation wherein an artist is presented on a stage, and guests are aligned in a front-to-back format to consume the presentation of that artist, but not connect with each other.

The traditional live performance today is more akin to watching TV than a place for shared experience and connection. This is because in a front-to-back format, people are shoulder-to-shoulder – forced to look at the back of the heads of people in front of them… and people are not very good at connecting with the back of each others’ heads. The Fluffy Cloud is an attempt to solve this and bring back the natural connections made when people are invited to look at each other.  To move freely and comfortably in a performance space that has no requisite focal point.

We want to create a space focused on interpersonal connections through shared experiences.  Perhaps it can be thought of the return of the drum circle – albeit in a slightly more over-the-top format 😉



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Lighting Lead

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